Privacy Policy

We where going to get a big legal speal about all the terms and conditions and policies for using our site. But hey we are just a small and simple blog that doesn’t collect any personal information.


So we decided to KISS it “Keep It Stupid Simple”. We know that’s slightly backwards.

We do NOT collect any of your data while you’re browsing our blog. Not a cookie to be seen, zilch. If in the future this policy changes and we look for your email address (when we get around to putting a newsletter together or something like that), please be assured we will do so with the very best of intentions and protect your privacy. Your details if and when we get around to collecting them will never be shared, sold or used for any purposes other than intented.

We despice SPAM and take your privacy very seriously.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy statement, contact me here!

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