Puppy Farms

I saw something on TV lately about illegal puppy farms and I was shocked to find Ireland exports approximately 100,000 puppies a year. That is a shocking number being raised in terrible conditions.

Tips on how to avoid puppy farmed dogsWhen you consider the UK is 10 times the size of Ireland and they export around 70,000 puppies it’s clear Ireland has a bit of a problem in this area.

It strikes me that there is a huge opportunity for Ireland if only the government would implement the same regulation and compliance that they use for the Horse Racing industry or even traditional Livestock industry. Progress has been made in recent years but there is still a bit of a way to go.

I might talk about the regulation that is currently in place on another day but in this post I wanted to highlight what people can do to avoid buying from illegal puppy farms.

These are some things to look out for if your considering buying a puppy.

  1. Never meet someone selling a puppy in a public space or public car park.
  2. Always visit the breeding bitch at home and make sure you are happy with the standards.
  3. Try to visit while the puppy is still suckling
  4. Choose a relaxed pup, they should all be relaxed if they are in a good environment where they are being cared for and happy.
  5. Ensure that you are given proper and valid documentation that complies with local laws.
  6. Insist that the puppy is microchipped.

The biggest issue with puppy farmed dogs is that they are nervous, anxious animals because they have not been well socilaised and are not used to people and this scaring stays with them for life.

You should really consider visiting a local rescue centre or dogs trust as this way you can be sure the vacinations, chipping and documentation is going to be up to date and quite often they offer much more value for money.

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