Welcome to Ackoncahuak.com

Thanks for dropping in.  So what is the crazy name ACKONCAHUAK?

Well it’s really Ackon Cahuak or Dogo Argentino which is a well know Argentinean hunting dog.

Ackon Cahuak Dogo Argentino

We think they are a fascinating animal or as some would say “a beast of a dog” and that’s where the name for our blog came from.


ACKONCAHUAK is a platform to connect with other dog and animal lovers who recognise the beauty in pure breeds. We hope to have regular blog post about pedigree dogs, dog breeding, upcoming events/shows and general animal advice and discussion.



We look forward to having you visit our blog and welcome any feedback and comments you have. If you want a channel to post your article about anything animal related get in touch we’d love to help you out in any way we can.

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