Dogo Argentino

The Ackon Cahuak or Dogo Argentino is easily identified by its strong muscular body and short white hair. In the pure breeds it is unusual to find one with any markings.

From a breeding standard:

Males weigh 40 – 45 Kilograms and are approximately 24”-27” in height, with the length of the body slightly longer. The tail is low set and tapers off to a point from its thick base. The head is broad and the skull somewhat domed. They have often been described as looking like a much bigger version of the America Pit Bull.

The dogo Argentino has a life expectancy of around 12 years. Approximately 10% of the breed suffers from pigment related deafness in one or both ears similar to Dalmatians and the white bull terrier.

Beware of the Dogo

Although banned in some countries due to the reputation from illegal dog fights the Ackon Cahuak which was originally bred as a game hunting dog (particularly wild boar) in the forest and woodland areas of Argentina early in the 20th century. When bred first it’s genetic make-up from mainly formed from the now extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog and the Great Dane. Although they look fearsome the Dogo Argentino purposely had its aggressive traits removed and introduced many desired traits.

Today the dogo’s are used in many police forces and are trained in search rescue and recovery. They are also used as service dogs and as guide dogs.

Like any human or animal when brought up in a good environment and trained with love and care you can expect a loyal life long companion.

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